Desserts in Dallas Range from Cookies to Pies to Ice Cream

By Maddox Short ’23

Dallas is the perfect haven for any sweet-tooth, with a variety of unique and staple dessert locations. I have reviewed 8 desert places in Dallas to help you find the best dessert for you!

 In the mood for a snow cone? Sno, located at 10455 North Central Expy, Ste 102 is the perfect hidden gem for you! With a menu comprised of over 70 different flavors, there is something for everyone. From dill pickle with tajin to birthday cake and marshmallow, you can satisfy all of your cravings. Their snow cones have the perfect consistency, and the large menu allows you to customize your treat. Sno is a wonderful solution to a Dallas summer day and a refreshing comfort desert during our, not so cold, winters.

Empire bakery on Lovers offers more than just croissants and rolls. Empire bakery has a delicious pumpkin spice loaf and occasionally a seasonal Nutella loaf, which are Thanksgiving must-haves in the Short Family. Empire is located at 5450 W Lovers Ln in Inwood Village which is a great location to meet up with friends to enjoy coffee and a breakfast treat before shopping.

Village Baking Co. Boulangerie has three locations, 3219 Knox, 1921 Greenville, and 3218 Oak Lawn. Each location has their own unique atmosphere with the same delicious pastries. Their Laminated Brioche and Chocolate croissants are my go-to pastries for Village, but they offer sandwiches, coffee, and other pastries too! With a lively and cozy atmosphere, Village Bakery provides a nice study spot and a place to meet up with friends.

Dallas Cookie Dough at 5915 Forest Lane is in an amazing location considering it is close to both Ursuline and Jesuit! Unfortunately, the cookie dough did not live up to expectations. I tried the original chocolate chip dough, which has a traditional chocolate chip cookie taste, but I was not a fan of the texture of the dough. It felt like Play-Doh and was too thick for my liking. On the bright side, Dallas Cookie Dough offers both Gluten Free and Vegan options! The cookie dough is fresh and authentic, so “if you microwave it, it will turn into a cookie!” Catherine Matthews ’23. Despite my review many people have recommended Dallas Cookie Dough, so I think it is safe to say Dallas Cookie Dough is more of a hit or miss dessert!  

Although not a unique Dallas dessert, Crumbl Cookies located at 6186 Retail Rd. is good for trying new and innovative flavors. Each week Crumbl has a new menu with 4-5 different flavors, released on Sundays before the week begins. From Everything Bagel cookies and cornbread to Funfetti cupcake, Crumbl introduces never before seen cookie designs and flavors. Their signature pink boxes leave customers eager to guess what flavor they will try next!

I am not a pie enthusiast, but Emporium Pies on 2708 Main Steet and 314 N Bishop Ave makes the best and only pies I will eat! My favorite is their Lord of the Pies, which is an apple and cinnamon pie, but they have 8 different signature pies and offer seasonal pies during the holidays! I highly recommend Emporium Pies for any occasion.

Milk * Cream on 5420 Ross Ave is home to delicious donuts with unique ice cream flavors for you to mix and match! This unique concept is definitely one I recommend you try. The simple and clean atmosphere creates a fun space to meet up and take pictures with your friends while you enjoy your creations! My favorite flavors are cookie butter and mint chip, both are definitely worth a try! Check out Milk * Cream on Instagram for inspirations for your creations!!

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