Coachella Takes the Stage Again After Two Years

       It is that time of year again where social media influencers take Instagram photos of their best and craziest outfits for the springtime festival, Coachella.

      The hesitancy of COVID-19 in California has delayed Coachella for the past two years, but this year they have decided to crowd the fields again with popular music artists and their fans.

      This springtime festival first started 23 years ago in 1999 by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen. The lineup was completely different compared to now, with The Rage Against the Machine and Toll opening. It was not a huge success selling only 25,000 tickets making zero profit. Which led to the closing of the festival in 2000.

      It was almost the first and last Coachella, but luckily, they started again in 2001 because of the changes made such as extending the festival from one day to two weekends, adding bigger artists, Weezer, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.  

      Now Coachella is one of the most popular music festivals with over an average of 250,000 people attending every year.

    Along with the guestlist expanding, ticket prices have gone up significantly due to the popular demand of attending the festival. 

    “Those looking to attend the three-day festival this year can expect to pay $429 for a General Admission pass. This admits one person to all three days of the festival, and grants access to on-site parking. If you want an upgraded experience, a VIP package costs $999 and allows access to exclusive areas of the festival grounds. The added weekend earned Coachella a reported $47.3 million in gross revenue that year, with gross revenues reaching a historic high in 2017 at $114 million.,” according to

      They have introduced the lineup for the weekends which include famous artists such as Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Ye (formerly Kayne West) and Megan Thee Stallion.

      Previously, they did have Travis Scott in the lineup, but due to the recent December Astroworld concert disaster, they decided it was best to not include him.

      The festival will be held April 15-17 and April 22-24 at Riverside County, California.

      According to its website, guests will be required vaccination or a negative COVID test within the past 72 hours. California has been strict on their health guidelines regarding COVID, so making the announcement that Coachella is going to happen this year is huge news.

      In previous years, influencers partner with a designer and wear fun spring or summer clothes with bright colors.  

        A lot of A-list to D-list celebrities show up wearing either basic or very extra clothing

      “Cardi B kept her look for a Revolve party at Coachella simple: a patterned shirtdress and hot pink sneakers. Mrs. Bieber celebrated her Levi’s partnership in the brand’s classic denim, paired with a lace bustier and Vans sneakers,” according to

     In 2019, Ariana Grande and NSYNC were seen taking photos together, in which later Ariana Grande performed on that same day. That same year Kendall wore an off the shoulder baby blue dress to the Revolve event party.

    Even social media influencers such as James Charles, who is now cancelled, Liza Koshy and David Dobrik. With new Tik Tok influencers on the rise, maybe they will make a “celebrity appearance” alongside their “hype house” buddies.

   With all the COVID-19 craziness the past two years, it is good to see how people can still enjoy the fun things in life such as attending music festivals with friends.

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