Sophomore Sadies Hawkins Dance 2022

With the theme “Iconic Movie Characters,” Saturday March 26th marked it’s very own iconic date for Ursuline Academy sophomores: The Sadie Hawkins Dance.  

     Sophomores were able to vote on the theme, and with 15 theme submissions and four theme finalists, “Iconic Movie Characters” was ultimately chosen.

     “I thought the theme was pretty fun and creative,” said Marley Shepherd ’24. “There were a variety of outfits you could choose from to fit the theme as well as fun decorations.”

     From Top Gun to Superheroes to Scooby-Doo, Sophomores were able to choose their costumes from any TV show or movie with their date, friends, or guests.

      “My favorite part of the dance was definitely seeing everyone dressed up, I saw some really cute costumes throughout the night!” said Marley Shepherd.

     Sophomores were able to bond with their class from seven p.m. to 10 p.m. in the new East Campus Courtyard. This is the first time Ursuline has hosted a dance in the courtyard.

     The dance was planned for by Sophomore Grade Dean Ms, Bailey and the Sadie Hawkins Dance Chairs:  Elie Smith ’24, Grace Arnott ’24, Ashlee Bowser ’24, and Ava Mychel Rodriguez ’24.

     “I loved being a chair because it gave me the opportunity to get more involved within the Ursuline community. I had so much fun working with other people on a fun event that made so many people happy!” said chair Grace Arnott ’24.

     The morning before the dance, the Sadie Hawkins Dance Chairs and committee members decorated the Courtyard with decorations ordered over after school meetings.

     “The dance was so fun in the courtyard and I loved being in the new part of Ursuline. The courtyard was so fun when it was decorated,” said Rachel Rader ’24.

      As the sophomores first walked in through the doors leading into the courtyard, turned into VIP Access Doors, a red carpet with an Ursuline Backdrop and a balloon arch were set up so students with their date or friends could participate in a “Stop and Repeat,” where they posed in front of paparazzi (volunteers from the Ursuline Photography Club).

     The decorations also featured signs, movie posters, a “Now Showing” sign, cardboard cut-outs of celebrities and characters, streamers, and walk of fame stars for the Chairs and Ms. Bailey. Even the tables, where students could be seen playing cards or talking with their friends, were adorned with a smaller version of the Oscar Award statue.

      “My favorite decoration was probably either the Hollywood stars with all of our names on it or the fun cardboard cutouts with different characters,” said Grace Arnott.

      On the green platforms descending to the dance floor of the courtyard, games of corn-hole, spike ball, and even a ping-pong table were set up, allowing sophomores to have some friendly competition against each other.

      “Having it in the new courtyard was actually perfect, there was a lot of room to walk around and dance, and the dance floor was really nice and big,” said Marley Shepherd.

       Many students danced to songs from DJ James Gregory, a faculty member at Ursuline, along with requested songs from students. Colorful lights from the DJ stand lit up the dance floor.

       “My favorite part of the dance was dancing with my friends and my date,” said Rachel Rader.

        Throughout the night, many sophomores migrated to the upstairs part of the courtyard, EC Dining, which showcased a view of Ursuline from sunset to nighttime. Water, candy, and snacks were laid out for attendees to enjoy while talking with their friends.

        As the time neared 10 p.m., sophomores were dismissed from the dance, the movie night ending on their very own “iconic” dance experience.

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