Real-ity Estate TV

From mansions to cottages, homes are flying off the market for higher prices every day.

     Whether you are deciding to move to a more rural location or finally building the courage to move to Hawaii, the market is currently at an American all-time high with a 14.6% increase in sales at the end of 2021. There are simply too many people looking for homes and not enough houses to give.

    In the United States, there has been a large relocation of people from every state, for jobs or leisure, sustaining a thriving market. The initial shutdown from Covid-19 brought an abrupt halt to most property sales, but with the economy making its way back up, homes are more expensive than ever and do not spend many days officially for sale.

    HGTV was the first platform to produce home-related television shows showing all types of residences and renovations. Being introduced to the “Property Brothers” and Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper, these hosts were able to make independent franchises from being featured creators on HGTV. The Property Brothers continue to renovate and sell on social media and television, while Chip and Joanna started Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas and a house appliance and decoration line sold in Target stores nationwide.

    These films, along with their many other programs, have remained extremely popular among older audiences, but with the fast-paced social media climate, they have become somewhat mundane for the younger viewers. The audience expects theatrics to grasp their attention and keep them on their toes, because of what they are fed on the media, but HGTV was not selling.

     Bravo TV introduced Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles in 2006, New York in 2012, Miami in 2014 and San Francisco in 2015, completely revolutionizing the real-estate television game. This was the first-ever drama-based home show on TV. People of all ages would tune in not only to watch beautiful homes sell, but also to anxiously discover what their favorite and least favorite realtors had done that week.

     Netflix then made the decision on March 21, 2019 to premiere a reality TV-inspired real estate show called Selling Sunset. This production combines the drama-packed lives of wealthy, all-female realtors listing multimillion-dollar homes for a brokerage in the most prominent areas of California. Working for the twins Brett and Jason Oppenheim, owners of the Oppenheim Group agency, these women act as malicious co-workers while trying to sell homes to the affluent people of—primarily—Los Angeles, Orange County and Beverly Hills.

     With a ridiculously high market, even more absurd homes for sale and jaw-dropping relationship excitement to spice up the reality, Selling Sunset has continued making great numbers for its first four seasons and is renewed to film up to the seventh season.

     Through the great prosperity that stemmed from this 2019 success, Netflix has since created more reality-real estate shows that fight to take the crown in petty drama and exclusive listings.

     New series Selling Tampa films brokerage in Tampa, Florida owned and operated by women of color, and Million Dollar Beach House records young and hungry realtors selling beach homes in the Hamptons for millions. Each of these shows has had great chemistry that keeps the viewer on their toes and ready to click the “continue watching” button.

     Combining both intellect, luxury and pettiness into one 30-to-40-minute episode, these real estate TV shows seem to be the special ingredient in bringing back the hysteria surrounding reality TV. The audience intended for these types of series is usually viewing for the intensity and lack of morality among the co-workers. Netflix continues to make a mark in television history by producing its own shows that take the medal for perfected originality.

     The newly added attention to the profession is sure to spark a new round of successful entrepreneurs for the next generation. Ultimately, real estate remains a booming career and sport for the players of the game.

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