Kicking Off Intramurals: Each Class’s Reveal Video

Last year, Ursuline moved the tradition of Fall Intramurals to the Spring. In doing so they implemented the kickoff of intramural season to be the last day of school before the Christmas break. This kick off included a theme reveal – a one minute and 15 second video revealing each class’s theme to the school. The tradition continued in the 2021-2022 school year.  

In the freshman theme reveal video, three freshmen disguised as sophomore, junior and senior secret agents to try and fool the rest of the school of what their theme is. One of the first clips of the video included a large Grinch head, although that was not their theme.  

The next clip it showed Yoda, but still this was not their theme. The freshman also showed a giant Shrek cutout walking in the background of the video although everyone got a small glimpse of Tinker Bell on the hub. 

The secret agents finally revealed their theme was Freshman Hollow starring Tinker Bell! The rest of their video showed the hints that were missed such as pixie dust and Tinker-Taylor! 

Overall, their video was creative and to the point. They scored fourth place in the competition. The school expects great things from the Class of 2025 on their first go at intramurals.  

The Sophomore class wasted no time introducing their intramural theme and showed Rapunzel running through the halls to her song “When Will My Life Begin.” The video ended with the entire grade dancing in the gym. It was a great way to encompass class participation and overall Ursuline spirit. The Sophomore class received 3rd place for their video.  

The juniors involved a basketball game hinting on the theme High School Musical. As many students thought that High School Musical was their theme leading up to the reveal.  

In the next scene the juniors are all in a conference room shouting out other themes and arguing about them. The Incredibles and Cars were mentioned in the middle of the argument, but the conversation was interrupted by the introduction of their true theme.  

Livie McGuire ‘23 said, “Our theme is original and a great incorporation of our graduating year.” 

The next scene showed clips of the juniors dribbling the basketball and a sports reporter in the background talking about the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. The Juniors theme is Junior Bulls. The team ties Jordan’s number, 23 and the red of the bulls in to create a perfect theme for their class.  

Alexandra Parades ‘23 said, “I love our theme and the athleticism and creativity in our video.” 

The Senior video starts with an audition for the intramural themes for the seniors. While Breanne Tehan ‘22 dressed as P.T. Barnum from The Greatest Showman is singing, Kate Lynch’22 interrupts Tehan’s scene and asks the next contestant to step up.  

Lia Padian ‘22 dances onto the stage in a sparkly disco outfit to represent Mama Mia, but it is cut since that is the theme of the Seniors Fashion Show in April. Addie O’Conner ‘22 and Nicole Gossage ‘22 represent the theme Star Wars but once again it is denied since it was the Class of 2021’s powderpuff theme. All our themes seem to be already taken and it was a difficult decision to single out one.  

Lily Moayedi’22 said, “Our theme is a great way to incorporate all of the memories our class has made together in high school.”  

The final two scenes showed Mimi Simmons ‘22 as Marty McFly running late to school and finally our closing scene has text revealing, “Back to the Future Senior Edition,” 

Every grade did a wonderful job with their theme reveal video and should be proud of their work. Students and faculty are awaiting March so they can see the other amazing work each class has in store.  

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