Ulta Reaches Its Target Audience

Target: The department store that everyone knows and loves. Whether you are grocery shopping for your family or simply browsing through the multiplicity of products they carry, Target is an increasingly exciting place for people of all ages.

     Advertising several different brand collaborations to excite shoppers, Target is sure to have something for everyone, such as pop-up Starbucks cafés for those on-the-go coffee lovers or Disney aisles for young children.

     Adding to the list of collabs as of Nov. 10, 2021, Target Corp. announced its official partnership with Ulta Beauty, a popular makeup retailer with locations across the U.S. The business plan is currently aiming to debut over 100 Ulta Beauty shops in Targets nationwide by the end of 2021 with hopes of expanding the project in approximately 800 stores over the next few years.

     “In partnership with Ulta Beauty, a company that shares our deep guest focus, we are able to expand our growing beauty business with new, exciting brands, an immersive experience and loyalty benefits to transform how our guests shop for all their beauty needs,” Brian Cornell, chairman and CEO of Target Corp., said.

     The main goal of the collaboration is ultimately to further a reimagined makeup experience within Target stores, which is possible with the beauty expertise that Ulta Beauty provides, while also attracting new and loyal customers.

     According to retail analyst Stephanie Wissink, Ulta Beauty at Target was created as “an appetizer-sized experience for Target shoppers” to get just a taste of the true Ulta experience.

     The style of the shop-in-shop experience is planned to be designed just as existing Ulta Beauty retail stores. One of Ulta’s most innovative technologies includes a virtual GLAMLab, which is essentially a try-on tool to see if a given product meets a buyer’s expectations.

     Plano West Senior Gracie Brush said, “The shop looked very modern and had a lot of bright colors. It made me want to immediately check it out. It’s a great way to attract people into Target itself.”

     The mini shops showcase a variety of merchandise from popular beauty brands typically found in Ulta stores, such as Tarte, Urban Decay, Clinique, MAC Cosmetics, Too Faced and Morphe. The shops do not carry all brands found in Ulta but do hold several of the trendier brand names, such as celebrity lines like Ariana Grande.

     Additionally, the shopping experience is further strengthened by the qualified staff, who are both enthusiastic and readily available to talk to while browsing the shop.

     “The lady who assisted me in finding things was really helpful, especially when looking for high-end products,” Amelia Bruty ’24 said. 

     Ulta Target employee Linda Villa has been a makeup artist for over 12 years and is enthusiastic to help customers.  

     “I am a makeup geek and love chatting with clients to help find what they need,” she said.

     Villa also noted that customer feedback regarding their shopping experience will be sent back to Ulta consultants to improve the mini stores. She has received several questions about products from companies such as Nars, Laura Mercier and Color Pop, which will hopefully be put in stock in the mini shops as consumer demand rises.   

     Several teenagers across the Dallas Metroplex, especially those who currently go to Ulta for their makeup necessities, are already enjoying the mini store experience.

     “It’s a convenient way to get all my makeup and grocery essentials in one place,” Katharine Bales ’22 said.

     So, the next time you are at Target, make sure to check out the Ulta station to gain sweet rewards, a new customer experience and, most importantly, to get all your makeup and shopping needs in one place.

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