Get Paid to Get Vaxxed

The United States hunt to inspire residents to get vaccinated has only exploded since the entrance of the Delta variant into the US.

     Ever since the Delta strain of corona virus mutated, the desperation for civilians to get vaccinated has skyrocketed. This has caused universities, festivals and restaurants all over the country to offer incentives for people to get vaccinated.

     There has always been a question of whether or not incentives work. A study by the British Medical Association found that pregnant smokers were nearly three times more likely to quit smoking if provided with financial incentives. With this being proven, leaders of all businesses have begun to announce their own spin on incentives.  

    According to Becker’s Hospital Review, only 42 percent of Georgia residents are vaccinated. Forty-two percent is not even halfway to Georgia’s goal. Not surprisingly, they are ranked number 44 amongst all the other states as to how many of their residents are vaccinated. Because of this, the University of Georgia decided to have an incentive for their students.

     The university is offering the opportunity to win $100 for anyone who gets vaccinated at the University Health Center or Tate Center Mobile Clinic. Around 40 students will be chosen over the four-week time period. In addition to the drawing, everyone vaccinated between August 13 to September 3 will receive a $20 gift card as well as a free t-shirt.

     Similarly, the University of Texas at Dallas is offering all students $125 for getting vaccinated. The school is also offering ten opportunities to win $12,000 in tuition scholarship and ten opportunities to win $10,000 in housing scholarships. They hope to improve the state’s 42 percent vaccination rate to at least 80 percent.

     Incentives for vaccines range from college campuses to the State Fair of Texas, Austin City Limits and restaurants like Krispy Kreme.

     The State Fair of Texas is offering $20 worth of free food and games for anyone who gets vaccinated on site during the 2021-2022 fair season. Compared to last year’s drive through state fair, this year’s fair will be fully open with the exception of a mask mandate.

    Similarly, ACL will return this year and is predicted to have one of its biggest turn outs yet. The festival is offering a chance at winning a one-day free general admissions ticket to anyone who receives a vaccine.

     Krispy Kreme is also giving out away prizes for anyone who is vaccinated.  If you show your vaccination card at any Krispy Kreme location, you are permitted to one free glazed donut a day. There are no limitations on how many times you can redeem this offer other than the one donut a day limit.

     Despite the rising number of Covid cases, vaccine rates are still rising. To keep that continuation more and more, companies are beginning to announce incentives to do their part to stop the spread so the pandemic can be over once and for all.

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