Small Businesses Boom in Dallas

Due to the shortage of demand COVID put on the Dallas community, over 169 local businesses reported to Central Track News that their locations would be permanently closed

    According to the Tax Foundation in 2019, Texas was ranked the 21st best state to start a business before COVID. Also because Dallas is an entrepreneurial city which comes with a small-town appearance. The city was named the #1 city to start a local business. The range of rural to urban audience is so immense that any type of crowd is welcomed, making it a little easier for entrepreneurs to start their dreams.

       Junior Helena Sanchez and her family are the owners of the popular La Calle Doce. Located in both Lakewood and Oak Cliff, this restaurant has been serving delicious seafood and Tex-Mex dishes such as Pescado a la Parilla and Camarón a la Veracruzana since 1999. “It’s such an amazing spot to go get lunch with friends or even have a nice dinner with the girls,” Sanchez said.  

     Similar to Helena’s family, Freshman Cecilia Spencer and her family also own an authentic Mexican restaurant, El Tizoncito. With five locations all around Dallas, the street-food restaurant has gained popularity with the help of “D Magazine”, “Texas Monthly” and supporting friends and family.“I bring my friends all the time and it’s always nice to show people my culture and my family’s work. I order the Pastor Nachos every time because it’s the yummiest dish we have,” Spencer said. While almost permanently closing due to the restaurant’s struggle to attract customers during quarantine, it is a miracle that this local gem was able to attract just enough costumers to keep all five locations alive and well.

     Alongside Ursuline family-owned businesses, there’s also plenty of local businesses near campus that the Bears love to support. Cafés like White Rock Coffee, Houndstooth and Civil Pour have become a hit since the start of school by providing students a cozy aesthetic place to study and finish extra schoolwork. Due to the recent location opening of White Rock Coffee on Royal, many Ursuline students have begun to rave about its refreshing morning drinks. Junior Jillian Spears said, “It’s so much better than Starbucks, especially their croissants. And I love that it’s on the way to school because then I get my morning caffeine while also supporting local shops!”

     La La Land Café is another local store with three locations in Dallas. They have recently opened their first out of state spot in California. This café’s motto is “to normalize kindness” and has become famous for employing former foster kids. While their principles are what bring the crowd in, their coffee and treats are what keep the costumers coming back. Senior Annelise Meir said, “I go to La La Land Café a lot during my free; the coffee is just so good, and I always enjoy the yellow happy vibe the building gives off.”      It has never been so important to support local businesses. After COVID closed nonessential businesses, many people worried about the viability of businesses and advocated helping. The Dallas community began trying something local for change! Whether it’s replacing Starbucks for White Rock or going from Taco Bell to El Tizoncito – any time you purchase local, you help local.

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