Clutter in a House of Order

Modern houses with strict, boxy lines have been the outline that many builders have focused on in the past few years. As homebuyers moved out of their parents’ shaggy, rugged and wallpaper-infested homes from the 80s, most wanted clean, sleek finishes to their own homes. Minimalism has been on the rise since its start in the late 60s, and the increase of modern homes has not declined since.

     White and grey are the primary color palettes of most new homes since many feel that colors are too distracting and eye-straining. After the Covid-19 lockdown, more people became open to the idea of colors re-entering their homes. While the word “clutter” gets a bad reputation, it can create a cozier feel when executed correctly. With colors, patterns and texture making a comeback in interior design, organized clutter has become the theme of the newest design fad.

     A home is supposed to emulate what an individual likes, so living in a home without personality can feel sterile and cold. This is why some people have started enjoying filling their homes with a lot of… stuff. Modern homes without hardwood or some sort of warmth can become very cold-looking and make them feel like a museum rather than a home.

     Creating a space that is “intentionally busy,” said Houzz, allows for a beautiful space. The key is to stick with some sort of color scheme or uniting factor that stays the same throughout the home.

     Most homes have been renovated to remove dark wood to be replaced with light colors to open a space. This trend seems to be taking somewhat of a pause in the world of design. As more eccentric colors for cabinets and backsplashes surface, people have begun painting their cabinets anything from forest green to plum. This new trend is not only broadening the horizon of kitchen design, but also in living spaces and dining rooms.

     Architectural Digest is a magazine that focuses on interior design. This platform is known for visiting celebrity homes on their YouTube page to show interior design enthusiasts what their favorite stars enjoy. The most recent videos on the account have shown more colorful and random room stylings. As new color schemes are being displayed in celebrity homes, more people have started recognizing the prestige in a sophisticated color system.

     Although painting a room can change the way your entire home looks, you do not necessarily need paint to achieve this trendy style. The once-outdated wallpaper and stacked, collaged frames are also making a comeback.

     In a completely white, open and modern room, adding color with wallpaper and pictures has become very common. Wallpaper can be a tricky piece to get right. This pattern-filled print can make or break a room, but by choosing a design that compliments a specific color in your home, the wallpaper can create a mature, coordinated effect. Incorporating a metal color with the picture frames makes for a good basis across the home. Piling and strategically placing gold frames on top of each other adds both color and elegance to a space.

     Wallpaper can seem as permanent as paint when it comes down to actually putting it in your home, but by finding statement pieces that can be easily removed, the risk factor in redesigning your home does not have to seem so high. With thrifting and secondhand shopping becoming more popular, people have been able to find rare pieces that fit their décor. Combining different layers like rugs and knickknacks that would normally not go together can create a stunning space when assembled.

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