Crumbl Cookies Craze

By Lillian Ashmore ’22

“Did you hear what the new flavors are for this week?” asks Emma Kenchel walking into class. Everyone quiets down, takes a sear, and stares in complete unity while Kenchel pulls up the list of cookies on her phone before class starts.  

She says, “Churro, berry crunch, peanut butter and chocolate, and German chocolate cake.” Everyone looks at one another and immediately start discussing the week’s selection. What they like, dislike and most importantly, if they are willing to make their way down to North East Dallas for some warm cookies. 

Co- founders Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley are cousins from Utah who had a dream. They were set on creating the most supreme “tech- driven bakery” Crumbl Cookies was then founded in 2017 in Logan, Utah.   

McGowan and Hemsley have formed this empire with quality remaining the overlying factor. Crumbl Cookies was built on reputation and seamlessness. These founders knew that with the right technology, their cookie fantasy would become a reality. 

Offering weekly flavors and only serving warm cookies, Crumbl has maintained their “hype.” The production of these desserts not only has to do with the baking part of the job, but the technological advances Crumbl has introduced to the bakery is what has made them so successful. Because they create their cookies on the spot, they have limited supply and this technology and ordering has made Crumbl excel in maintaining and securing the fresh factor.  

Crumbl has become the recent fastest- growing gourmet cookie delivery and takeout company. Their fast and freshly made cookies are always a topic of the week, and their clientele has not yet gotten bored. How can you get bored with over 120 specialty flavors rotating weekly? 

These warm cookies are incomparable to other bakeries, which is why they are so sought after. Their perfected form has been blown up around social media, and Gen Z has taken over. Their store fronts have lines wrapped around the corner around the nation. This Crumbl craze has left their stores without ingredients and too many people to feed! This is a great ratio for bakeries, and this fad is not going to soon die. 

With expanding, Crumbl has maintained his excellence by making sure their employees are always up to date on how to prepare the cookies and exactly what high end ingredients to use to execute the best gourmet experience. 

Crumbl Cookie’s mission has always been to bring friends and family together from their gooey delicacies, boxed in pink outerwear for all ages. I think it is easy to say, with the wide selection they offer, their mission is thriving.  

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