Regency Era England Becomes a Popular 2021 Trend

        Recently, shows concerning the Regency Era have gained popularity among teens and young adults. Not only is anything and everything set in 1811-1820 being binged, spring fashion trends seem to have stepped back 200 years. One of the most popular Regency shows driving the period piece obsession is Netflix’s Bridgerton.

        According to a Refinery 29 article,  “Jane Austen. Gossip Girl. Shonda Rhimes. Diverse casts. If one or more of these things speak to you, you’re probably hooked on Netflix’s latest marathon-able show. The new series Bridgerton follows the well-to-do Bridgerton family — a widow and her eight, alphabetically named children — as they navigate Regency era English society. And guess what? Regency era English society is full of gossip and secrets.”

       While the plot includes a heap oftwists and surprises, people specifically take an interest in the interesting fashions worn in the show, and have found ways to incorporate them in their everyday wardrobe.

       “While the pandemic has influenced fashion trends to skew toward athleisure and loungewear, the popularity of Netflix’s much discussed new show, “Bridgerton,” is making a case for swapping comfort clothing for more fanciful attire this spring,” a Women’s Wear Daily article explained.

       People are finding ways to romanticize their life through clothing: corsets, flowy dresses with touches of elegance and long silky gloves are all pieces to pick up for the spring.

       “Considering the show’s immense popularity, its fanciful wardrobe may prove a sizable influence on spring 2021 fashion trends. Many designers and fashion brands have already shown collections that include romantic, regal-inspired pieces that give a nod to the British period drama,” states Women’s Wear Daily.

      This prediction seems to be inevitable.

       According to the fashion search engine Lyst,  “In the weeks following Bridgerton’s release, searches for period pieces like corsets, headpieces, elbow-length gloves, and more have skyrocketed. Corsets surged on the platform by 123%.”

       Bridgerton has also influenced TikTok’s fashion, where influencers traded their e-boy chains for pearls and are layering their thrifted tops and dresses with structured corsets.

       The New York Post comments, “Taking its throne on TikTok as an elegant timeline-filler, “Regencycore,” or “royalty core,” gives a reboot to romantic high-society vogue of the Regency era. With the girls dripping in lace and pearls a la Daphne Bridgerton, and the gentlemen giving godly Duke of Hastings vibes in billowing-sleeve shirts and velvet blazers, it’s a trend that would make modiste Madame Delacroix proud.” 

      Not only has the Regency Era fashion taken over TikTok trends, but has become a popular trend among designers such as Rodarte, Mochino, etc.

      Jeremy Scott, the creative director of Moschino and sole owner of the label created a spring 2021 collection inspired by Bridgerton elements. The show featured 30-inch marionette models in pieces inspired by 50s couture, incorporating hues of gold, pastel blue and light pink. The collection is fit for the doll-like character Daphne Bridgeton.

      Outside of coture, the effects of regency fashion is often brought with a modern twist. For example, a frilly top and corset paired with highwaisted jeans and converse, or a silk dress and Doc Martins.  

      Fashion fads never last, but Elizabeth Bennet would be proud of 2021’s new (old) look.  

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