High Hopes for the New Year

     I think that we can all agree that the year of 2020 has been the most tumultuous one of, for many of us, our entire lives. However, the past is the past, and that wild year has finally come to a close. 2021 could not have arrived quicker, and, hopefully, this new year will bring new hope, new beginnings, and new change.

     The Ursuline community itself expects some exciting events in the near future, including the brand new building and the graduation of the class of 2021. Of course, we are all excited to be rid of the construction lining Inwood, but, most of all, Ursuline will be equipped with entirely new learning buildings, an auditorium, and administrative offices, some expected to be complete and ready for use at a guesstimate of the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.

     Current seniors will unfortunately not be able to enjoy this new addition; however, they will be off to great futures as they attend college, another exciting event coming with the new year.

     Senior Delia-Rose Constantin said, “I’m really excited for the new year! It’s crazy to think that big things like graduating high school, going to college, and moving away from home will be part of my upcoming year. After this past year, my resolution is to appreciate every moment and event because as it has been proven in this past year you never know when it could all be taken away.”

     Her excitement is shared among all of the senior class, as the college board will soon be full, and seniors will begin to prepare for their new beginnings.

     Most of all, though, everyone seems to be collectively excited for a solution to heal 2020: the Covid-19 vaccine. Since the pandemic began, the question at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts is when the vaccine will be released. Now,  the vaccine is made and being distributed. The light at the end of the 2020 tunnel is finally visible.

     Junior Katharine Bales said, “I’m hoping that the Covid vaccine can be distributed quickly in 2021 so that we can all return to normalcy as soon as possible.”

     Agreeing with Bales, senior Ellie Skelly said, “I am excited for the vaccine to hopefully come out this year. I also look forward to seeing where I, and all of the other seniors, will go to college! I hope that we can be happy and healthy in this year of change.”

     A new year brings many new opportunities, large and small, and many Ursuline students are excited for some of the simple gifts of life such as family, friends, especially enjoying the recent holidays.

     Senior Isabella Zarmakoupis said, “I really enjoyed spending time at home over the holidays with my new puppy,” adding that she is  hoping to enjoy some more calm family time after the past chaos of 2020.

     On another note, junior Carlisle Myers looks forward to accomplishing a personal goal of hers:  to get her bronze medal in the sport she loves, dressage.

     Junior Natalie Roe sums up our hopes for 2021 by saying, “I hope that the new year brings us a lot more joy than 2020, and I think that no matter what 2021 will bring us, it will be a lot better than 2020.”

     The Bear Facts Newspaper staff hope that you all have a wonderful new year!!

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