How to Occupy Yourself During Shelter-in-Place

As the city of Dallas self-quarantines and Ursuline remains closed until Apr. 14, I am sure we can all agree that staying inside all day gets very boring, very fast. However, there are plenty of ways to stay occupied during this unusual time!

     If quarantine makes you feel like an animal in a cage, I recommend turning to America’s latest Netflix obsession, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. The true-crime documentary TV series follows Joe Exotic, a private zoo owner in Oklahoma, and his battle with Carole Baskin, the owner of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. The series is full of so many unexpected twists and turns that you will not once find yourself reaching for your phone—it is that wild of a true crime series.

     Binge watching Netflix is not for everyone. If you are longing to feel more productive, have your own Marie Kondo moment. After deep cleaning and re-organizing every drawer in my bathroom, I felt like a new person. Another simple yet effective way to tidy up and organize your space is to go through your closet. Going through your closet also provides a way to give back to your community as you can donate your unwanted clothes to a secondhand clothing shop.

     If you have already gone through every inch of closet space or every drawer in your home, another effective way to feel productive is to be physically active. While it is currently not the safest option to walk or jog outside, there are countless ways to work out in the safety of your home with or without equipment. There are millions of workout videos on YouTube, ranging from HIIT workouts to yoga and Zumba to strength training. Additionally, the Nike Training Club app is providing free access to premium workouts and programs during this time.

     However, I personally believe the best way to occupy yourself while in quarantine is to explore a new hobby or two. Whether it be cooking, drawing or learning how to play a new instrument, exploring a new hobby will give you an opportunity to grow during this seemingly boring time. Learning something new is a great way to make this time inside exciting!

     Elizabeth Primrose ’20 is currently teaching herself how to knit. “As I am still learning, I am currently not the best knitter. However, I still enjoy it and I love my lavender-colored yarn.”

     Katherine Martinez ’20 is DIY-ing shirts and taking online ballet burn classes. “I log onto Zoom to take the classes and they are very fun,” Martinez said. “You follow what the instructor does, and she plays music, so it feels like you are at a workout class at the gym!”

     There is one thing I myself have missed most during my time in quarantine: being at Ursuline! To feel like you are back in the halls, you can always use Teams to video chat with your friends. Also, you can bake your very own Sage cookies. While they may not be as good as Sage Director Chad Nielson’s, here is a great recipe to make your own rainbow sprinkle sugar cookies. While I know many of us are missing business as usual, I hope these activities make quarantine a little less boring. Just remember, if we all follow the quarantine rules, we will be back at Ursuline in no time!

Image courtesy of Grace Risinger ’20

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