Trufusion Brings A Sundry Approach to Target All Facets of Health

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The fresh start of the new year brings change, which can be big or small.  For some, maybe it is getting to bed on time.  For others, it might be trying out a new skincare routine.  For most people, it is to be healthier; in 2017 alone, Google reported 62,776,640 searches on how to be healthier.  However, the process of finding a new workout studio or gym can be overwhelming, especially in Dallas.  It seems as if there is a different Pilates or yoga studio on every corner, or a new kickboxing studio opening each day, not to mention classic gyms.  Finding the perfect workout spot becomes a workout on its own.  In addition, working out is only one side of health: practicing self-care, staying hydrated and eating nutritious meals are other major facets besides pumping iron.  The struggles with commitments and confusion that comes with beginning a health journey are enough to stop and go back to old habits. However, there is hope.  Trufusion combines everything from Pilates, to yoga and to even kickboxing throw downs.

               Trufusion stands alone as one of the most innovative workout spots across the nation.  At Trufusion, all the latest workout trends live under one roof, where fitness enthusiasts can venture to a multitude of different classes at one location.  Enthusiasts can also journey out of their comfort zone and try new classes, without having to sign up for an entirely new gym.  They have burn and conditioning classes to strengthen, tone and sculpting classes to tone your muscles, and stretching and restorative classes to aid recovery from intense workouts.  Where do Pilates classes, yoga, and kickboxing come in?  Each of these workouts, including lesser-known workouts like kettlebells and aerial yoga, are categorized under these different kinds of classes.  

For those wanting to tone and sculpt your muscles, barre, Pilates and TRX classes are the perfect fit.  Boxing and cycling classes are designed for strength and conditioning.  Aerial yoga, yin yoga and their Power, Flow & Vinyasa yoga are perfect for relaxation.

To ensure a well-rounded approach to fitness, Trufusion offers their very own TruHealth Bar to provide healthy and delicious snacks and smoothies, the perfect pitstop between classes.

Trufusion blends all of the facets of a healthy lifestyle into one location, bringing health and fitness to everyone who walks through the door.  Trufusion targets an physical fitness through conditioning, strengthening, and toning and encourage relaxation through yoga.

Trufusion Brings A Sundry Approach to Target All Facets of Health More about Trufusion, memberships, and classes can be found on their website, which is

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