Disney Easter Eggs Hidden in Your Favorite Movie

photo courtesy of google images

  Easter eggs are hidden clues, objects or words that explain something from another movie or reveal an inner meaning.  These eggs are often hidden in movies or tv shows and appear on screen very quickly in specific scenes. Often, if movie watchers blink, they will miss them!

 Disney is famous for sneaking little Easter eggs into their movies for viewers to look out for and discover.  Several films have very obvious Easter eggs while others need a much close look in order to find.  

 Fans went crazy over a major Easter egg in the 2013 film Frozen when audiences noticed characters from another Disney movie Tangled attending Queen Elsa’s royal coronation.  Princess Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder appeared for an instant in the same frame as Princess Ana walking into the castle.

 Hercules was another movie where an Easter egg made an appearance.  The character Scar from The Lion King appeared as a rug in the film.  This short and quick scene had more of an obvious, visible Easter egg.  Some might miss the reference, but for Lion King fans, this scene made the Hercules movie a little more fun.    

 The beloved film Lilo and Stitch has a hidden Mickey Mouse in the watermelon scene if you look closely since it is easy to miss.  While many are focused on the adorable Lilo and Stitch banter, very few actually catch the subtitle incorporation of a hidden Mickey in the bushed behind Lilo’s head.

  Another hidden Easter egg in Lilo and Stitch is the poster in the background for another Disney movie, the 1998 musical favorite Mulan.  The fadedness of the poster and its abstract art format make it even harder to point out, but its trickiness makes it more enjoyable to find.

 This Easter egg in the 1991 film Beauty and the Beast certainly requires a closer look requiring in some background information to understand it.  The worn off letters on the sign say Anaheim and Valencia, both cities in California.  Anaheim is where Disneyland is located, and Valencia is where the California Institute of Arts, or CalArts, is located.  CalArts is where many of the animators studied.    

Notice anything about the spinning wheel in the background of this Tangled scene?  It is the same spinning wheel that pricked Princess Aurora’s finger in the 1959 film Sleeping Beauty—an interesting egg to hide in this film especially with the similarities between the two princess’ stories.  Both princesses are battling to escape their situation of being trapped in the same place for their whole life.  

The most recent hidden Easter egg was in Frozen 2.  Disney’s head of animation, Becky Bresee, claims there is a hidden Mickey Mouse in the follow image.  See if you can find it!

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