Bringing Hope to Homeless Children

photo courtesy of hope supply company

Hope Supply Company, formerly known as Captain Hope’s Kids, was founded in 1989.  At first, Hope Supply Company served as a “clearinghouse of donates resources,” according to their website.  The organization grew to focus on aiding mothers and their children, as Dallas in the 1990s hosted the fastest growing homeless population for mothers and their children.  Focusing on the mother and children they serve, Hope Supply Company rebranded themselves and dedicated themselves to a new mission: meeting the grave needs of the underprivileged by providing crucial necessities such as supplies and programs to improve their lives.  Hope Supply Company has achieved this goal of helping children and still strives on to better the lives of every person that is in need. 

To date, the organization has provided over $3.2 million of supplies to mothers and their children in need.  Over 40,000 diapers are distributed weekly to their many partner organizations, including Genesis Women’s Shelter, Dallas CASA and Family Gateway.  Overall, they serve 60 organizations by providing desperately-needed supplies to families.  They also give supplies to transitional living centers, school districts and state agencies.  Besides diapers and hope, Hope Supply Company also provides necessities one would usually take for granted.  Many girls do not have access to clean, sanitary products.  However, Hope Supply Company is changing that by providing hygiene boxes.  The boxes are stocked with toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, hairbrushes, band aids, hand sanitizer and more. School supplies, backpacks and uniforms are something we take for granted each day.  However, many families struggle to afford these items for their children.  Hope Supply Company believes “education breaks the cycle of homelessness.”  Therefore, they have also made it their mission to provide these necessary school supplies to ensure each child is prepared to learn and reach their greatest potential. 

Besides schooling, having hobbies and recreational activities is vital.  Hope Supply Company offers year-round activities during holidays and during school.  Over Spring Break, children can release their inner-cowboy at their Spring Break Cowboy Camp.  Or, they can have a fun day at the Summer Splash for Hope at Hawaiian Falls.  To celebrate the beginning of school, the Back to School Event gets children ready to learn.  And for the Christmas season, Holiday Hope on Wheels brings crafts, games, and other activities to children to get them into the Christmas spirit.  And obviously, the most important holiday of all is birthdays!  Hope Supply Company provides birthday boxes: gift-wrapped shoeboxes filled with little gifts, like toys and small crafts and activities.  Hope Supply Company leaves no detail behind and spares no expense when it comes to bringing the necessities to children, whether it be products or the happiness of a birthday or holiday.

Hope Supply Company branches out past the borders of Dallas. They have recently instated September 24th-30th as Diaper Need Awareness Week, to help bring attention to the vital issue of diaper needs.  They have also reached out to Target and have become a Target Red nonprofit.  Hope Supply Company is continuing their dedication to mothers and children by branching out to help bring awareness to the need for diapers, hygiene items, and other necessities we often take for granted.

To help Hope Supply Company, you can volunteer to help at their warehouse.  They are an approved Ursuline philanthropy.  You can also sign up on their website or find out more information about them at 

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