Taylor Louviere ’20 Is Ursuline’s Champion

Taylor Louviere, a member of Ursuline’s class of 2020, is a leader and friend to all. Never one to talk about herself at length, Louviere’s multi-dimensional personality is rarely highlighted in the way it is deserved. Balancing life is a challenge for anyone, but she manages to handle all of her responsibilities with a smile on her face.

     The captain of the Rangerettes, Taylor has led the Ursuline/Jesuit drill team this past year with grace and style. She calls dance one of her passions, and her genuine love for it has impacted the team.

     “Taylor brings a positive energy to every practice and performance we have. Her bubbly and fun personality encourages the Rangerettes to work hard and push themselves to be better,” says Angelina Velis ‘20, Rangerette.

     Louviere has made it a goal “to ensure that my team knows how much I care about them as individuals and how much I have faith in them,” she said.

          When asked about her favorite memory thus far this year, she said, “The first time I heard ‘Your captain, Taylor Louviere’ over Postel Stadium.”

     When asked about her favorite memory from all of high school, she said she couldn’t choose.

     “I [could never] choose between Ursuline classes, Rettes, [volunteering], friends and family. I have had so much fun working with my peers on projects or laughing about something hilarious that happened in class. But I have also had the privilege of leading such an amazing team over the last few years on Rangerettes.”

     Louviere also has a passion for service. She helps with Kids Helping Kids Dallas Board (KHK), serving as the Second Saturday’s Coordinator for the Dallas branch. She is involved in coordinating with Family Gateway, a housing option for the underprivileged in downtown, that also assists victims of abusive relationships and situations.

     “I look over every “Second Saturday” that a board holds, these small parties held on every second Saturday of the month entail playing, crafting, dancing and more with the kids. I get to sing along with the most amazing kids and watch them grow even more every time.”

     Louviere manages her academics just as well as she manages her extra-curriculars. Her perfectly organized planner is one of the keystone examples of her dedication to her schoolwork. As of right now, she is looking at majoring in general business and possibly accounting. Louviere has always loved all math and science courses but, throughout high school, she has also developed a deep interest in history, especially U.S. History.

     Few people know of her interest in history, or even her obsession with baking and Marvel. Specifically, Louviere loves Spiderman and Tom Holland. She also loves to travel, and she loves it for a very specific reason: family.

     “[Because] I have been blessed with opportunities to travel and grow closer with my siblings, sending my brother off to college is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.”

     Louviere has an older brother, Brennan, at the University of Texas and a little sister, Emma, that is a freshman at Ursuline.

     A relational person, Louviere always finds time for friends despite her busy schedule. She says she knows how lucky she is to have “the most supportive friends who truly care about me.”

     “She just makes me smile every time I see her and I can’t even explain it! She’s just so positive and upbeat to everyone around her and is so easy to be friends with. . .She’s just the best,” said Catherine Taylor ‘20.

     A hard worker and kind to all, Taylor Louviere definitely deserves her spotlight within the Ursuline community.

Image courtesy of Taylor Louviere ’20

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