Stuco Switches System

     As more and more events like dances and Intramurals are coming up, student council works to incorporate a brand-new system to encourage more class participation — the chair system. 

    The chair system works by having class participants apply to be the chair of a committee for a particular event. Interested students fill out a simple survey where they can list their ideas for the event and how they will accomplish them through their position as chair. After being selected, these chairs run the event with help from the student council (stuco) and their committee.

     The purpose of the chair system and is to encourage class involvement. It provides an opportunity for girls to take initiative for something they are passionate about without having to be on student council or be involved in every class event.

    Natalie Marinna ‘22 was one of the first people to try out this system as one of the two chairs for freshman and sophomore homecoming. “I was on student council last year, so it was nice to use my experience for hoco. It was also really cool having a committee because they helped put our vision to life, and we didn’t have to do it on our own.”

    While Marinna thinks that the system is a great idea, she noticed some things that need fine-tuning in the process. “It was a little awkward with stuco because they are technically in charge, so I didn’t want to get in the way of their vision.” She is also concerned about applying the system to Intramurals. “I don’t think our class is prepared for the amount of work that goes into all the things they have to do for intramurals.” With a few things worked out to improve the chair system, Marinna thinks it could be a great program for the school.

    Emma Lochridge ‘22 was one of Marina’s committee members for homecoming. While she loved being involved, she also noticed things that could make the system better. Lochridge said, “I think we need more of an interview system to find the chair and have the right person in charge. I also think there needs to be more of a definite plan from the chairs. Other than that, I think it was a cool experience, and it made me realize how much stress is on stuco.”

     Manahil Khan ‘22 is on student council and is one of the people truly implementing this system. Although letting some of her control go is difficult, she is excited about her class understanding more about student council’s job. “It serves as a lesson to the stress that stuco goes through for every event, and it’s also a great way for stuco to ensure that the voice of our class is being heard,” Khan said.

    Another student council member, Nikki Kanzler ‘20, also has thoughts on the system in place. “It’s really nice for student council to be able to rely on class participation, and it’s cool to see our class step up and want to lead things. It also takes a load off of student council. At times it can be hard to let go of control because we are new to the system, but senior stuco has concluded that we have faith in our class to get stuff done.”

    Although the system may not be perfected overall, the student body is excited for the opportunity to lead their community in events that they are passionate about. 

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