It is Time to Destress, Class of 2020

     Everyone destresses in different ways. If you are Sarah Hui ’20, perhaps you throw a solo dance party in your bedroom. Maybe you are more of an Ellie Skelly ’21, and create a mini sauna in the shower to let all the tears out. Yet, some of us are more like Jackie Thomas ’20, and simply do not destress.

     By now, you have probably learned that failing to destress results in a seemingly never-ending cycle of stress. As the Nov. 1 deadline approaches, it is important to take the time to relax, take a few deep breaths and congratulate yourself for all the hard work and sleepless nights you have put into your college applications.

     If you have been dying for an excuse to buy a new bath bomb from Lush, now is the perfect occasion. According to Teen Vogue and research by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D, being surrounded by water “improves your emotional health, reduces stress and promotes relaxation.” Therefore, light some candles, put on your favorite Spotify playlist, hop into the tub and voilà! Your mind and body will be graciously thanking you for taking the time to relax.

     Unfortunately, if baths are not your thing, the nearest beach is in about five hours away in Galveston (thanks a lot, Texas!). However, White Rock Lake is only a twenty-minute drive from Ursuline. For an added bonus, stop at the White Rock Coffee drive-thru before taking in the crisp air, picturesque landscape and the calming sound of the water splashing around the dock at the lake.

      Visiting White Rock Lake is a beloved stress reliever of many Ursuline students, including Elizabeth Primrose ’20. Primrose said, “I am a big fan of water and sunsets, so going to White Rock relaxes me as I can sit by the water and watch the sunset. If I ever feel stressed or overwhelmed, I like to walk around the lake and experience the serenity. I always leave feeling calm and at peace!”

     Exercising is another great, scientifically-proven way to destress. Physical activity, whether accomplished through walking around White Rock Lake or through attending a workout class, releases endorphins, which make you, and your brain, happier. One popular medium of working out, not only in the Ursuline community, but also throughout Dallas, is spin class.

     Ainsley Neitzel ’20 is a regular at Soul Cycle. “I feel happier and I feel that I can handle my stress better after a spin class. I imagine I am chasing whatever is stressing me while I am on the bike. It’s good anger management! I also love the music they play because it helps me focus on staying on rhythm rather than how hard the workout is,” Neitzel said.

     Helen Emerson ’20 is also an avid spin class attendee. Emerson loves the instructors at Cycle Bar. “The instructors always help to motivate me, and spin allows me to think about something besides what I am stressed about for a while,” she said.

     When trying to find the time in your busy schedule to destress, it is best to start small in order to truly make a habit out of ‘me’ time. Sometimes, all it takes to relieve stress is putting on a face mask once a week or de-cluttering a different corner of your room. Regardless of how you destress, it is important that you make note of the fact that you are amazing and that you accomplish such great things every single day!

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Primrose ’20

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