The Rising Star: Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers is making her way up to the top as the next big artist.  Her song “Alaska” was the song that brought her fame and recognition.  While attending NYU, Pharrell Williams came to one of Roger’s classes to listen to the students’ music and just fell in love with “Alaska”. The video of Pharrell listening to Rogers’ song went viral.  Shortly after that, Rogers became more and more popular and eventually signed a record deal with the well-known company, Capitol Records.

Rolling Stone calls Rogers “the new folk-pop protégé”.  Rogers continues to get her name out by performing on big media outlets such as Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen Show, the Late Show and more.

Her music and dance style reflect her interest in mainstream pop and electronic dance music.  Rogers has a very unique dance performance that draws the audience into her interesting style of music and dance.

Rogers has now performed at many big music venues and festivals such as Coachella, Music Midtown, Radio City Music Hall and more.  Rogers has also collaborated with many big artists like Mumford and Sons.  Rogers draws her audience in with her beautiful voice and dancing.  After listening to her live, fans can feel her passion and love for her music through her dancing.

Ever since she was young, Rogers has been drawn to music, singing and playing instruments.  She plays several instruments including guitar and banjo.  Rogers started writing songs and creating music at the age of 13.  When she was 17, Rogers produced and self-released her debut album called The Echo.

The young star promotes her many beliefs of feminism, politics and more with her platform.  She encourages people to vote and uses her merchandise to promote her beliefs such as feminism and voting.

Through her music videos, Rogers shares her most memorable life experiences. For example, her music video “Dog Years” was filmed at a childhood camp where she wrote many of her first songs.

Rogers continues to grow and become more popular, increasingly getting more fans.  As she continues to get bigger she claims that she is “so grateful to be able to do what she loves every single day”.

Rogers plans on taking her career and growing it out in the music industry. She inspires and shares her voice through her music.

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