La La Land Café Welcomes Customers in Lower Greenville

La La Land Kind Café on 5626 Bell Avenue is Lower Greenville’s newest attraction. Opened by Francois Reihani, the 23-year-old has done it again, gaining massive success through Pōk the Raw Bar as well as Bar Stellar. After my visit to his third culinary creation, I whole-heartedly believe the coffee shop reflects its name- truly radiating kindness.

Upon first glance, visitors feel right at home, as the café is housed in a renovated home. The café’s white walls are adorned with hardwood and yellow accents, creating the perfect backdrop for Instagram stories. However, what makes La La Land Kind Café feel home-like is the attentive, friendly staff.

The staff greeted me immediately as I walked in, despite the hustle and bustle of the packed café. As I placed my order, I was met with a smiling face and plenty of recommendations.

The menu is jam-packed with drinks crafted for every coffee-lover, whether your go-to is a black cold brew or a frappuccino. Drinks range from the traditional espresso or house coffee to french toast or “thin mint flavored lattes.” Matcha drinks are just as varied, with options like the “matcha shot” and the “lavender bloom latte .” However, if coffee and matcha are not your thing, the café has a large variety of teas and strawberry and cookie flavored milks.

Additional food items include standard coffee shop pastries, such as croissants, cheesecakes and chocolate chip cookies. The café is no stranger to providing non-traditional options to café-goers, with other options including a variety of toasts, ranging from avocado to honey strawberry, and breakfast empanadas.

I enjoyed trying the milk and honey latte, the lavender bloom latte, the avocado toast and the honey strawberry toast on the outdoor patio.

Avocado Toast & Lavender Bloom Latte
Honey Strawberry Toast & Milk and Honey Latte

The patio had plenty of seating, adorable lights and was safely fenced in. The staff was incredibly polite, bringing my order outside and checking on me from time to time. I had such nice conversations with the cashiers and the baristas; they were extremely hospitable and made sure each customer felt extremely welcomed at the café.

As if my experience at La La Land Kind Café could not get any better, the food and drinks were wonderful. The honey and cinnamon were perfectly balanced in the milk and honey latte, creating a delicious, yet not too sweet flavoring. I had yet to find a lavender-Matcha latte that I actually enjoyed or did not find watery; the lavender bloom latte was the answer to my Matcha prayers, and I highly recommend it to every Matcha lover.

At first, I was skeptical about trying La La Land’s toasts. However, the toasts are on huge pieces of sourdough toast and are as just as filling as they are tasty. The avocado toast has whole, smashed avocados on top dressed with red pepper flakes. The red pepper adds a bit of spice to the toast, making it stand out against more traditional avocado toasts. The honey strawberry toast  is almost too pretty to eat. The toast is covered in strawberries, and the combination of the strawberries, honey and cream cheese is outstanding.

La La Land Kind Café was well-worth the drive to Lower Greenville. With a stellar staff and a menu that is as affordable as it is appetizing, I cannot wait for my next visit. The kindness in this café is truly unmatched.


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