Behind the Scenes at UA’s Mother Daughter Fashion Show

Ursuline’s Mother/Daughter fashion show is a cherished tradition and a wonderful memory for every Ursuline Senior and her mother. Every Ursuline girl waits four years to strut the stage with her mom in a stylish outfit. But have you ever thought of all the work that goes into the event? Think about the hundreds of girls that walk the stage, each in their own unique outfit.

We began by signing up for the event at Senior Latte Day. When we signed up, we were automatically entered into a raffle for cute prizes. We then waited for an email from the coordinator to send us and our moms a list of the most wanted stores. As soon as we were assigned our store, the exciting process began!

We scheduled your appointment with the store and go in to pick out our outfits. The staff were extremely helpful and patient as you look through the entire store to find the best outfit for you and your mom. If you loved the outfit enough to buy it, the store gave you a generous discount just for being a part of the fashion show! If not, you gave it to them and they would bring it on the day.

When the day finally arrived, there was excitement in the air. Although it was an early wakeup call because we had to be there at 8 A.M. with your hair and makeup done, we didn’t even notice! Upon arrival, all the girls went to a room to enjoy a breakfast buffet as we waited for everyone to arrive. Of course, they did this for an hour to make sure all those who had a rough start to the day made it in time to practice.

Then, we were rushed into the stunning ballroom transformed into Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and those running the fashion show gave us the rundown on how the day was to go and a demo on what to do when we would walk. They tell us our lineup based on the stores that we have, and we went back stage to practice. Nerves ran high because at the end of the runway, we did a little routine with our mom and everyone was worried their moms would mess it up! We each did a practice walk in front of all our friends and make sure to cheer them on, so they were less nervous.

Once they finished going through everyone practicing (which felt like a lifetime), we finally got to go change into our outfits! We went back to the changing room and found our clothes on the racks. It was hilarious to see everyone scrambling to find the most private place to change in a room with no hiding spots. We got to know everyone a little better that day! They began lining us up store by store and we could watch our friends walk from the monitor they had in the room with us.

Once you are backstage and getting ready to walk, it all starts to become real and adrenaline sets in. Here it goes. “Okay…and…go!” The woman handling the timing gives you her que and you go! Walk down, high-five the people walking back, get to the end, do your routine, turn, back, more high-fives, and pose! That’s it! You’re done! Now it was time to change into your college shirt to flaunt the hard work you did in your four years!

Single file, we did a finale walk down the stage and showed all of Ursuline where we would be spending our next four years! The pride was overwhelming and once we finished we all cheered in excitement. The day was over, we took some pictures, ate some lunch, and went home with memories that would last a lifetime.

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