A Letter From The Editor on the Redesigned Website

“Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day. And don’t lose the passion and the love for what you do” (Nadia Comaneci). Now more than ever, this quote rings true.

In 2018, the decision to redesign The Bear Facts Online was one taken with excitement and joy. It was a decision filled with hopes and dreams to create a place on the internet where all readers could bond, learn and grow intellectually.

It was also, however, a decision taken with courage to travel into unknown territory, with persistence and overflowing passion.

The journey to redesign this website has finally reached its destination, and the hard work has proven to be worth it. I could not be prouder of the 2018-2019 staff, whose articles have been built by words that will continue to influence Ursuline’s community for years to come. I could not be more thankful for Mrs. Melinda Smith, our moderator, who believed in all I hoped this website could become.

Although today marks the end of a journey, it celebrates the arrival to a lovely destination.

To all those who have supported this project since its beginnings, thank you. To the administration, thank you. To the staff, this project would have been unattainable without you.

To everyone: stay tuned– there’s more coming your way.


Isabella Jaar ’19, Online Editor

2 Replies to “A Letter From The Editor on the Redesigned Website”

  1. This looks wonderful–congratulations to you, Isabella for your determination to see this through You have impacted our program for years to come. I love my hard working staff and hope you know what a great job you have done this year. M. Smith

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