A Guide to Making and Saving Money for High School Students

There is nothing better than walking around your favorite store at the mall and finding the perfect outfit. Every girl knows how time-consuming it can be to find an outfit that fits you to a tee, can be worn in different ways, and complements your skin color. Finding such an item of clothing really is heavenly… that is, until you see the price tag.

Unfortunately, there is nothing one can do to permanently eliminate situations like these. Regardless, fostering good money-making and saving habits will prove extremely beneficial throughout your life.

Once you turn 16, getting a part-time job is a reliable way to receive consistent income. As Ursuline students, we have the knowledge and education to get a good job, yet it can seem a daunting and difficult process. Luckily, websites like Indeed and Glassdoor can help simplify your job search process, as they narrow down potential job opportunities depending on your age, work experience and zip code.

Without exceptions, having a general job resume or C.V. (curriculum vitae) is crucial in order to be successful in the job search process. Though it can seem intimidating to craft a resume, Microsoft Word provides countless useful templates for its users. When you are ready to begin your resume, make sure to list your education, work experience (including volunteer work and community service), skills (i.e.: bilingual, hard-working, etc.), and references if you have them. If you are ever feeling stuck while constructing your resume, do not fret. Instead, try searching “sample job resumes” on Google and let inspiration strike.

Advice on crafting your first Resume

Of course, getting a part-time job may not fit your schedule, but this does not mean you should fear exploring other routes. As a matter of fact, you can find numerous superb and hassle-free opportunities within your smartphone.

If you love babysitting, apps like Bambino Sitters can help you locate families who need a sitter in your area.

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If you would like to sell old and used books, apps such as BookScouter allow you to enter a book’s barcode number and ultimately pair you with the buyer who offers the highest price.

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Last but not least, apps like Instagram or Poshmark can help you sell clothes you do not use anymore, as long as they are in good condition.

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Another successful way to make some extra cash is to take advantage of and expand upon your talents and passions. For example, you could start a baked goods business if you love to bake. Furthermore, if you are passionate about teaching others, tutoring kids in your neighborhood may be a good option for you. Or maybe, you love plants and nature; perhaps you could start a gardening business in your area. The opportunities are truly endless, so do not be afraid to let your creativity flow.

Once you receive a consistent source of income, it is tempting to spend your paycheck almost immediately upon receiving it. Though it can vastly depend on personal preference, there are many ways to manage your money wisely.

In order to avoid spending nonchalantly, try setting a personal limit in your debit or credit card balance. For example, never have less than a $100 balance on your card. In case you ever want to splurge on something or have an emergency, you will be thankful you left that designated amount untouched.

If you want to get discounts when shopping, showing the cashier your student ID may qualify you for a student discount at certain stores. Stores like Express, J.Crew, and Levi’s offer student discounts. Most stores do not announce their student discounts, so do not be afraid to ask the cashier while checking out. For online shopping, websites like UniDays provide student discount codes that can be used at checkout.

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Lastly, it is essential that you budget and project your expenses monthly. By calculating approximately how much you spend on necessities like gas, food and clothing, you will clearly understand how much money is free for you to use the rest of the month.

Frankly, learning how to get a job, balancing a consistent income, budgeting, and becoming a savvy consumer are critical life skills. Though it may seem overwhelming to begin, adopting proactive financial habits will save you from future headaches, regrets, and stress… your future self will thank you!

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