Birthday Gift Ideas on a Budget

It is always a struggle to find the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday that is not outrageously overpriced.  Here are a few gift ideas that are not only super cute and fun but also all under $35.

Glitter Picture Frame ($5)

The first option is a $5 Urban Outfitters “Mini Crystal Glitter Picture Frame,” a polaroid picture frame that can be personalized with a cute photo of your friends. Pair it with candles and candy for an added touch.

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Fresh Lip Set ($29)

The next gift is the Sugar gift set called “Escape to Sugar Lip Set.” It is sold through Amazon and is $29 dollars; it is the perfect gift for a skincare lover.  Plus, the packaging is so cute, there is no need to wrap it!

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Zara Earrings ($19.90)

Another great gift is a set of gold earrings from Zara.  These earrings could add a touch of chic to any ensemble.  These earrings could pass as an incredible find from an estate sale.  $19.90

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Diptyque Candle ($35)

A Diptyque candle is the perfect gift for truly anyone.  They come in all different scents and sizes.  The candle is chic and smells amazing.  The small sizes are priced at $35.

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These are only a few of the many gifts out there and the trick is to find something that looks amazing at a low cost.  There are so many stores that make it easy to find gifts for a friend.  Trying to figure out what the birthday girl likes is the hardest part of gift-buying, so places like Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom are always safe places to look for a variety of gifts that are chic and fun.

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