This ‘Healthy’ Ice Cream Will Become Your New Favorite Treat

We know that you probably already broke your 2019 New Year’s Resolution to be healthier, but it’s never too late to get motivated and find a happier, restored you!

If you have a sweet tooth, like me, it can seem daunting to leave your favorite treats behind. However, thanks to ice cream brands like Halo Top and Simple Truth, you can find endless and exciting flavors of ice cream, with no regrets.

Are you a fan of Baskin Robbins’ chocolate chip cookie dough, or do you swear by Häagen Dazs’ vanilla bean? Whatever your go-to pint may be, I decided to challenge myself to truly determine if Halo Top and Simple Truth’s ice cream can live up to your highest expectations, and ultimately, determine which brand provides the best product.

To begin my challenge, I decided to taste both brands’ mint chocolate chip flavor, simple, highly popular, and easily found at your local grocery store.

To decide which brand is truly the best, I rated each based on their flavor, texture, amount, and price.

The Halo Top Mint Chip flavor definitely did not live up to my high expectations. Though its creamy and not overwhelmingly sweet consistency was delicious, there was a huge lack of chocolate chips. As I was scooping some into a bowl, I immediately wondered, “Is this a mint chocolate chip ice cream, or is this just mint?”

As for the price, Halo Top’s Mint Chip retails at $4.49/ pint. Halo Top Creamery claims that their Mint Chip flavor is “low sugar, low carb, low fat, and does not include synthetic growth hormones,” all great components of a true, healthy ice cream. Halo Top’s Mint Chip has 240 calories per pint, which is outstanding, especially when compared to brands like Breyer’s, whose Lite Mint Chip Delight flavor has 310 calories per pint.

On the other hand, Simple Truth’s Low Cow Mint Chocolate Chip Lite Ice Cream is by far one of the best ice creams I have tasted in a while, retailing at $3.99/ pint. I am convinced that this ice cream is heaven in a spoon! It is packed with mini chocolate chips and has a creamy consistency, yet it does not melt as fast as the Halo Top one.

Though Simple Truth’s pint has the same 240 calories as Halo Top’s product, it has 24 grams of protein, while Halo Top has 20 grams. In addition, Simple Truth’s product has eight percent of Vitamin A per serving, as compared to Halo Top’s two percent of Vitamin A. Shockingly, Halo Top’s mint chip has 40 mg of cholesterol per ½ cup serving, whereas Simple Truth’s has only 10 mg per ½ cup.

In my opinion, something that can make or break an ice cream flavor is a bad aftertaste. There is nothing less pleasing than eating your favorite ice cream flavor to realize it left an intolerable taste in your mouth.

Fortunately, I was surprised to find that neither the Halo Top nor the Simple Truth ice cream leaves a bad aftertaste. In fact, neither one left an aftertaste at all.

At last, comparing the two different brands’ mint chocolate chip ice cream pints made it clear that Simple Truth’s Low Cow Mint Chocolate Chip Lite ice cream is a definite winner.

Based on its delightful flavor and texture, loads of chocolate chips per scoop, cheaper price, and healthier features, Simple Truth’s mint chocolate chip ice cream unquestionably deserves a spot in your freezer.

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