Where to Find the Best Hot Chocolate in Dallas

When the days are short and the nights are cold and long, nothing sounds better than a cup of hot chocolate.  Hot chocolate has been warming people for 2,000 years, since the ancient Mayan civilization.  Originally, it was spicy with the Mayan’s addition of chili pepper.  It was not until the 1500s when sugar replaced the chili pepper and became the wonderful holiday drink we know and love today—some enjoy this holiday beverage warm or frozen. Plus, hot chocolate actually has health benefits including bettering concentration and mood.  What better way to improve your mood and concentration than with some warm, chocolatey goodness from these shops around Dallas?  Whether you prefer your chocolate hot or frozen, these hot cocoa places are the way to go.

White Rock Coffee, who recently opened a new store on Preston and Royal Road and has historically served the Northeast Dallas area for years, offers a variety of coffees and pasties.  However, their hot chocolate is the star of the café.  The café uses the Guittard Chocolate Company’s chocolate to create this super sweet hot chocolate. The company has been making hot chocolate for over 150 years, plenty of time to perfect it!

Starbucks, a staple for Christmas and holiday drinks, located all over Dallas, offers both peppermint and regular hot chocolate. Both are rich and chocolatey, but the peppermint one has a minty taste.  Plus, Starbucks has a variety of milk options, including dairy-free options like almond milk and coconut milk, which is perfect if you cannot have dairy but still want to enjoy delicious hot chocolate.

Also located on Preston Road and Royal Road is Eatzis.  Known for their delicious salads and opera music, Eatzis offers a hot chocolate that is a family secret. The chocolate they use traces its origins back to 1925. In 1925, Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre visited family in Lucca, Italy.  They returned home to San Francisco with an important hot chocolate recipe to create with authentic flavored syrups.  That same chocolate recipe is used at Eatzis.  Unlike other hot chocolate spots, they use vanilla to enhance the chocolate flavor.  It is one of the most distinct flavors of hot chocolate out of the entire list.  If you like a subtler hot chocolate, Eatzis has the perfect hot cocoa for you.

Neuhaus Café and Chocolate Shop offers a lot of chocolate in its storefront on Preston and Royal Road.  Their hot chocolate is similar to a mocha, as they add a splash of coffee to their custom-blended hot chocolate.  It is the perfect hot chocolate for the morning, when you might need a boost of caffeine.

Drip Coffee Company, located on Lovers Lane, offers a variety of coffees for its customers, but their hot chocolate sets them apart from other coffee places. They use Dutch chocolate to create their hot chocolate, which is crafted to be paired with espresso to give it a kick.  They, too, offer dairy-free milk options like almond milk and coconut milk so everyone can enjoy hot chocolate.

Last, but not least, is Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village.  Royal Blue Grocery is the perfect place to drink a hot chocolate while studying, as they have an upstairs area filled with tables and chairs for all your studying needs.

Each of these hot chocolate spots offers their own unique spin on hot chocolate.  Whether it is with coffee, espresso, or just some whipped cream on top, each of these hot chocolate places offers the nostalgic taste of this wintertime beverage.


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