The Best Christmas Cookies in Dallas

Christmas is, undoubtedly, one of the most festive and tradition-filled holidays of the year.  Perhaps you and your family make gingerbread houses or have an annual Christmas movie marathon.  Whatever the tradition, there is one thing you will most likely eat during the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas cookies.  They come in all kinds: Christmas trees, presents, snowflakes, snowmen, and the list goes on.  They are delicious and nostalgic of the jolliest season of the year.  The end of the first semester can be very intense.  Homework, tests, quizzes, sports practice, games can all take time away from eating Christmas cookies.  How can an Ursuline student get a Christmas cookie? Luckily for all Ursuline students, Christmas cookies are within reach.  These five bakeries offer some delicious Christmas cookies, and are located close to Ursuline, so you can quickly grab one in between study sessions.

Bird Bakery, located in Highland Park Village, is known mostly for their signature cupcakes, but their main focus this season is upon their delicious Christmas cookies.  The cookie itself is a soft, almond-vanilla sugar cookie, with a hint of cherries to it, topped with a cherry-vanilla frosting. It is a true, traditional Christmas cookie.  Currently, their two cookie designs are a sprig of holly and a snowman.  They also have gingerbread cookies!  Bird Bakery, out of all the bakeries around Dallas that offer Christmas cookies, is the only bakery that offers gingerbread cookies.  The ginger is not overpowering, and each little cookie has a smile.

Jen’s Place Bakery and Café’s cookies are massive.  The cookie is a true sugar cookie: light and airy.  They currently carry Christmas tree and snowmen cookies.  The cookies are, by far, the largest of the bunch.  They are larger than your hand, so they definitely have the best value size-wise.  However, these cookies are quite crumbly, so make sure to have a napkin nearby!

Tart Bakery, on Lovers Lane, has over twenty kinds of Christmas cookies.  They are definitely the best designed, featuring Christmas sweaters, reindeers, snowflakes, ornaments, candy canes, Christmas stockings, Santas, gingerbread, snowmen, and winter hat cookies.  The cookie is a shortbread, so it is buttery and not very crumbly, unlike most shortbread cookies.  There is a good amount of frosting, and the designs are super cute.

Crème de la Cookie in Snider Plaza has snowmen and Christmas tree cookies.  The cookies are a traditional sugar cookie with vanilla frosting.  The Christmas tree cookie has green glitter and sprinkle ornaments.

Celebrity Café & Bakery, located on Preston and Royal Road, has a changing variety of cookies.  Each day, the designs vary but the taste is the same. The rotating variety of the cookies is definitely a high point.

Overall, each bakery sells delicious Christmas cookies that shouts “Christmas!”  However, some bakeries outdo the rest.  The best value for a cookie would be Jen’s Place Bakery and Café, because although the cookies roughly cost the same, the cookies are huge, so you are getting more cookie for your dollar.  The best traditional cookie would be Bird Bakery, because of their traditional almond-vanilla cookie that has a hint of cherry to it.  Last but not least, the best designed cookie would be Tart, because of the twenty designs they carry daily.  All cookies cost from $3.25 to $3.75. But, no matter where you go, these Christmas cookies will be delicious and will help you to have a merry day.

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