A Letter to the Juniors: Why You Should be Excited for Snowball

Dear Juniors,

Senior year is definitely something to look forward to; the privileges and traditions make it truly unforgettable. One of the most exciting and valued traditions that comes with being a Senior is the magical Snowball dance: a night to remember with all of your best friends.

Snowball is a “girls ask guys” dance, and we only get a similar opportunity our Freshman and Sophomore years with the Sadie Hawkins dance. Although it is nerve-wracking to ask a boy to a dance, you get the chance to pick the right person so that you can have the best time; in addition, there is no chance that you will go without a date or not get asked. Everything is up to you.

Then, there is the picking of the Snowball court and queen. During an advisory period in November, all Senior girls gather in Haggar. By advisory, each Senior goes up and randomly chooses a cupcake. All at once, the cupcakes are cut in half in search of a pecan or walnut. Four girls get pecans, which is a spot on the court, and one lucky girl gets the walnut and title of Snowball Queen. The anticipation of opening your cupcake puts you on the edge of your seat, and the entire process is exciting for everyone. The Snowball Queen and Court are introduced at the dance with the following information: where they want to go to college, what their favorite Ursuline memory has been, what T.V. show they are currently binge-watching, and where they see themselves in ten years. They walk on stage with their dates and their introductions are followed by a slow dance.

Snowball is more formal than most dances at Ursuline. Seniors are excused from school and you get all day off to get ready for the dance (trust me, you need it)! The dance itself includes all Seniors wearing long, formal dresses. Before entering the ballroom, you must introduce yourself and your date to a receiving line of four faculty members: Ms. Kane, Dr. Shirley, Ms. Brown, and Mr. Lepley. Though it sounds overwhelming, you simply say: “Hi, (name), my name is (your name), and this is my date, (date’s name).” Not to mention, it is so funny to see your teachers make a double take about your identity when they see your makeup done and your hair looking like you actually brushed it.

The location of the dance depends on money raised from other dances. This year, it took place at the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas, and there is a photo booth and a DJ. Most of the dance is organized by student council, so be sure to communicate your wants with them prior to Snowball. The dance is usually in a ballroom with several tables surrounding a dance floor. One of the best parts of the night is that rather than the food being buffet style like it is at prom, it is brought to you by staff at the Omni.

All of these perks help to increase the fun; but the best part is getting to be surrounded by everyone you know and love. Dancing with all your best friends definitely makes for the best night ever!


With Love,

Gracie Moll, Senior

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