Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming

{Written by Journalism I student Daniela Zevallos ’20}

It’s that time of the year again: Homecoming season.

Weeks before the Homecoming dance, people get creative with their signs when asking someone to be their date.

“Some people really go all out with their signs. On social media, students post pictures of  decorated parts of their school, expensive gifts they have bought and dances which they have choreographed,” said Emma Louviere ’22.

First, what is homecoming? Homecoming is a time when alumnae are welcomed back to Ursuline, when dates wear mums and garters to the football game, and when students attend the school dance.

Junior Sophia Tran said, “The dance is fun and a nice break from everything else in our busy lives.”

The dance is this week-end, maybe a little late to be asking someone to the event.  However, some of this year’s examples might work for next year. Although boys typically ask, there are no faults in girls taking the initiative.

“Ursuline girls should feel empowered to ask a date to Homecoming,” English teacher Kathleen Schenck agrees. “It’s not easy . . . but having the self-confidence to do it is so a part of our dream for girls to feel bold and strong.”

Typically, homecoming posters include puns, references to the media, such as movies, TV shows, and vines, or simply a connection to the person’s hobbies.

“My friends have been asked with really cute and creative signs; it really is the thought that counts,” Junior Elizabeth Nguyen said.

One creative sophomore boy wrote, “You are the only Chick I want to take to homecoming,” along with a bag of Chick-fil-A for his date.

Another sign for BL Homecoming read, “Stargazing with you at hoco would be an Astronomical experience,” in reference to the hit album ASTROWORLD by Travis Scott.

“You would be the ULTimAte date, hoco?” This sophomore at Jesuit knew just what his date liked, gifting her a bag filled with makeup from Ulta.

Finally, one freshman was asked with a bag of delicious cakes and a poster that said, “Hoco with you would be Nothing Bundt fun!”

If you want a date for this year, you better ask soon! Homecoming will be on Oct. 27 at Ursuline for freshman and sophomores and at Jesuit for upperclassmen. Regardless, you can always start planning for next year!

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