You’re Going to Want to Try this Tradition From ‘The World’s Happiest Country’

In America, the wintertime truly wouldn’t be the same without comfy sweaters, fuzzy socks, or a mug of hot cocoa. But how is it around the globe?

Pronounced (hoo-ga), the Danish have created Hygge, a word that embodies warmth, happiness, and comfort, making it your new favorite thing. Though Hygge incorporates the feeling of being intentionally cozy, there aren’t sufficient words to fully describe it. Regardless, coming from “the world’s happiest country,” it is easy to take Denmark’s advice that incorporating Hygge into your life can seriously elevate your happiness levels.

Whatever you consider your ideal way to wind down at the end of your day, bringing you happiness even on the gloomiest of days, is your way to incorporate Hygge into your daily life. Leading a Hygge-filled lifestyle includes five things: atmosphere, food, activities, company, and clothing. “Lighting a candle, using a bath bomb, and playing chill music with a face mask on is one of my favorite things to do to wind down,” says Mia Alvarado ‘19.

Whether it is relaxing in your favorite bakery; sipping a cup of tea next to the fireplace, or reclining in a soothing bath after a long day: your ideal Hygge can be found anywhere and anytime.

Wherever you wish to embrace the practice of Hygge, the Danish suggest lighting a candle…or five. “When I’m feeling stressed out and need to relax, I like to play my favorite music and light some candles,” says Alex Alley ’19. Candle-lighting is the first step you should take to instantly renovate your atmosphere and make it overflow with peace and tranquility. Not to mention if a particular scent reminds you of a specific time where you experienced coziness, then it is the perfect addition to your Hygge routine.
Another great addition to any Hygge-filled day is to indulge in your favorite food and take the time to prepare it.

It has been proven time and time again that the harder we work making a specific food, the better our relationship with it will be, even if the food doesn’t turn out perfectly. “I love baking during the wintertime,” reveals Christina Thomas ’19, “Though it can be time-consuming and difficult, home-made brownies topped with ice cream are the best treat on a cold day,” she says. Baking homemade cinnamon rolls or even making yourself a steaming mug of hot cocoa can make all the difference when it comes to your Hygge experience, enhancing your day.

Doing the activities you love accompanied by the people you love is key to having the best Hygge-filled day. “Being wrapped up in a blanket watching TV sitting next to my brother is my favorite thing to do when I want to be cozy,” said Britton Morell ’19. Filling your surroundings with the people and activities that make you happy will ultimately make you happy as well. Madi Hebert ’21, says that sleeping, drinking coffee, putting her phone down, and watching TV are activities that make her feel relaxed and cozy, in full Hygge spirit.

No relaxing Hygge day would be complete without wearing your favorite clothes. Perhaps, you feel your best when wearing sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and fuzzy socks, like Jan Rotich ’19. Or maybe, you feel comfiest wearing “PJ Pants and a sweater,” like Sophia Arias ’19.

Whatever clothes you wish to wear on your cozy day, remember that Hygge is all about what makes you feel happy, comfortable, and stress-free.

Without a doubt, creating your own indulgent Hygge routine will change your mindset and your lifestyle. Any day, at any time, embracing Hygge is always a good idea. Just stop what you’re doing, light a candle, turn on Netflix, and experience the true Hygge lifestyle.

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