Embody Love Club Boosts Self Esteem One Note at a Time

The Embody Love Club is one of the many clubs here at Ursuline that gives back to our community. However, Embody Love has a unique take on giving back to the community. President Britton Morrell ’19 says, “Instead of giving to the community, we are teaching the community admiration, kindness, and acceptance,” which are important factors in creating a loving and positive environment.

The mission of the club is to spread love and acceptance to all of the students and faculty at Ursuline by empowering them to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness and contribute to meaningful change in the world. President Britton Morrell ’19, Vice President Audrey Peterman ’19, Treasurer Ellie Lenzen ’20 and Secretary Arianna Ramirez ’19 are very excited for the upcoming school year and are hoping to have more girls join the Embody Love Movement.

They are in the process of planning exciting events for Wellness Week during October such as having inspiring sticky note messages posted all around the school and creating a remind text message that students can sign up to receive positive and encouraging text messages throughout the year.

“In carrying out Ursuline’s sisterhood, you are already carrying out what Embody Love advocates. The Ursuline community needs to remember that love is an experiment; there is no right way to display or offer love. Because love starts with yourself, you need to practice admiring yourself and looking at yourself more optimistically in order to love others more fully,” says Morrell.

The message that the Embody Love Club spreads is very important for the well-being of young girls. Girls, especially, face many pressures when it comes to school and social lives and often forget to love themselves.

Obsessed with the idea of being perfect, girls often criticize their bodies and try to change themselves, instead of accepting themselves for who they are. Every individual is unique and beautiful in their own way and the Embody Love Club is trying to show girls how to be confident in their own skin and how to love any imperfections they think they might have.


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