Best Study Spots in Dallas

Peace and quiet can be difficult to find along the busy halls of Ursuline. Since studying can easily turn into an all-night affair, many students find themselves practically living at coffee shops. With a perfect blend of caffeine and a welcoming environment, a coffee shop seems like the best place to get your study on. However, don’t just limit yourself to the nearest Starbucks. The next time you need to focus, venture to one of the locations below!

For group study dates: Union Coffee

Union is by far the most collaborative coffee shop in Dallas. With two conference rooms for rent, a stage, couches, tall tables, short tables, a little nook hidden away, and a courtyard it is’s sure to fit your entire Spanish class study group or just you and your best friend.  Union tip: order a snack and become friends with the baristas, they are all super friendly and have great stories.

For a quick stop after school: Drip Coffee

Only a short drive down Inwood and Lovers, Drip is a great place to stop on your way home to just crank out your homework so you can watch Netflix at home distraction-free. Although it closes at 6, I actually find this as a great incentive for when I have an overwhelming amount of work. Their menu is aimed at the devoted coffee connoisseurs so you will don’t find flavored lattes or Frappuccinos in this small space.

A classy escape: Magnolia Sous le Pont

If you’re inspired by the elegance around downtown, Magnolia Sous le Pont is perfect for you. A combination of marble, dark wood and artistic details give this café a Parisian-inspired feel. Due to its location, it is typically filled with those of the business world so it is easy to feel out of place watching Netflix or messing around.

For the food-driven: Halcyon

A restaurant, café, and lounge- Halcyon has it all. Their extensive menu is filled with breakfast, lunch, and a whole page of beverages. This is by far the largest coffeehouse in Dallas, it has an outdoor patio, lounge area, and dining area. The countless tables make it easy to choose a prime location for any project or assignment

The hipster oasis: The Wild Detectives

The combination bookstore and coffee shop is located just a street over from the ever-so-popular Bishop Arts main street. The old house provides a quiet escape for local artists, writers, and life enthusiasts of all kinds. As soon as you walk in a strong feeling of creativity just surrounds you, that is why I prefer to work on art projects here instead of math or science homework because it is just not the right place for that.

For late nights: White Rock Coffee

Not just for those who live on the eastside, White Rock has drinks for coffee lovers and even haters from anywhere in Dallas and is definitely worth the drive. It has a wide variety of original coffees, blended drinks, smoothies, and their own creative specialties than you can always order “for here” (the magic words at any coffee shop) and it will come in a mug or glass, making it even cozier and homey. The two-floor café also stays open all the way until 11pm.


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