Mudslides in California: The Bipolar Weather

Although it may have seemed that just a month ago the Californians were evacuating for the wildfires caused by the everlasting drought, the Californians are now in critical condition due to enormous mudslides.

At least 20 men and women aged 3-89 have died from the treacherous results of the mudslides in Montecito, California or the Santa Barbara County North of Los Angeles while four remain missing.

Mudslides occur after a natural disaster, such as a wildfire, they are a type of landslide that contains a range of different materials such as mud, rock, wood, etc that is very harmful and can easily demolish homes or areas.

David Peterson, a professor of forest ecology, provided much information on why the mudslide started calling it a “natural phenomena.”

Peterson also claimed that there is no way for a mudslide to be prevented, especially in Montecito, where has a very low elevation and steep downhill hillsides.
He stated that every year, roughly 25 to 50 people die in the United States due to mudslides and other land occurrences.

The fire earlier this month burned about 280,000 acres of land where the property decayed briskly enough to cause a gigantic mudslide.
Montecito, the residence of many celebrities, such as Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey, had a huge uproar that struck extremely heavily early in the morning starting with immoderate amounts of rain to overbearing amounts of precipitation making it prone to mudslides.

The traumatized victims of the hundreds of homes damaged by the mudslide reveal their stories and experience in the horrifying experience claiming there to be “maximum amounts of mud and debris” throughout the period of time.

Rescue groups have endlessly been searching day and night to retrieve the missing men and women in the walls of mud utilizing many pieces of equipment such as helicopters and an abundance of rescue vehicles.

The mud also trudged through a significant freeway detaining any person from returning to work or any other commitment for the next couple of days.
Other counties were warned of the possible mudslides, but many people ignored or pushed away the warning until they were in the mudslide itself.

In addition, it was confirmed by authorities that only 10-15 percent of residents in these California areas paid close attention and listened to the instructions to evacuate their homes.

Victims of the mudslides, such as the actor Jeff Bridges, described his house as “starting to shake like an earthquake,” and he claimed he was later rescued and holstered up with his wife and dog by a helicopter.

In addition, he says he is “thankful and grateful” for the first responders who risk their very own lives for the many people in distress and suffering.

Jeff Bridges starred or was featured in many movies and television shows such as “Starman,” “Crazy Heart,” “True Grit,” and “Tron.”

Also, it is confirmed by officials that the freeway is cleared and safe at the moment to drive on the 101.

Please keep your prayers for the families that have lost a member or are in critical condition to recover.

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