The Harmony of the Seas Cruise will make you Want to Sail Around the World

Known for being the largest ship in the world today, Harmony of the Seas, built by the Royal Caribbean, is filled with many wonders and fun best suited for families and children.

Harmony of the Seas started to be built on May 9, 2014 and finished May 12, 2016. It was built by STX France at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France, where currently, the Symphony of the Seas is being built. In 2017, it was awarded the Best Individual Ship, and keeps the title of the biggest ship.

There are many fun activities onboard while cruising towards the next stop. The most popular feature is easily the Ultimate Abyss. Climb up to Deck 16 just to plummet back down to Deck 6 on this wild ride.

Another waterslide that is just as fun is the Perfect Storm. Called the Typhoon, Cyclone, and Supercell, it is a trio of waterslides that provides twists and turns over the height of three decks. This might not go as high as the Ultimate Abyss, but these were the first waterslides bringing high-adrenaline activities on board.

Not only does Harmony of the Seas have four big, grand waterslides, it also incorporates an ice-skating rink. Cruisers can rent skates and take a spin, as well as watch shows on the ice. One main show everyone loves on Harmony is “Grease.” Harmony of the Seas was the first cruise ship to hold this beautifully crafted musical from 1978.

If a passenger wants to have a fantastically crazy dinner, she can go to Wonderland, a dinner based off “Alice in Wonderland.” The restaurant uses molecular gastronomy to wow their diners. When you first enter Wonderland, a tunnel leads to the actual restaurant. Then, a golden gate symbolizing the transportation from the real world, leads you to the magical world.

Once seated, the waiters give you a blank menu and a paintbrush. A bit of a spoiler is that when guests “paint” the picture, the menu magically appears with a special selection of food to eat. Appetizer, main course, and dessert, the food’s presentation is just as good as it tastes.

Although Wonderland does come at a high cost, it certainly has a wide-ranging appeal. Wonderland is something new that most cruise lines have not tried, but on Harmony, it certainly has the blend of an eclectic motif and very good food.

Anyone that can live on this wonderful ship certainly has a great time. One man who probably gets more fun that most is the captain. Captain Johnny Faevelen is the one that holds the wheel on Harmony. He should not be scared by how big Harmony is because he previously was the captain of Allure of the Seas which used to be the largest ship before Harmony surpassed it.

Faevelen explains that although Harmony is the third ship of the Oasis class, that does not mean it is an exact copy of the other two. “They are sisters, but they were built on different shipyards… That is a big difference even though they are built more or less the same way.”

Oasis class is the newest class of ships in the line. Oasis-class ships have a unique structure, with the 5-deck high “Central Park” and “Boardwalk” outdoor areas going down the middle of the ship. This line of ships add a tropical garden, a zip line, two Flow Riders, two rock climbing walls, an Aqua Theater and a carousel.

Not only is he the captain of the biggest ship in the world, he is also Royal Caribbean’s best known captain. With the trademark of a parrot and a Vespa-type scooter, he says he is encouraged to pop up unexpectedly and do something funny or something memorable. “I have kind of followed that idea for many, many years,” he said.

Harmony is the ship that attracts many kids that want fun and entertainment, as well as parents that want rest and relaxation. There is much that Harmony has for every different person.

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