Sports Season this Year

“Hey, what’s up its bear faithful!” This catchy phrase is a part of every Ursuline girl’s morning routine when the announcements proudly broadcast the upcoming athletic functions or admired accolades of the beloved UA Bears.

An important part of Ursuline athletics is not only the idea of accomplishment and school spirit, but also the idea of community and truly growing closer as a sisterhood. All  UA athlete knows the mission statement which says, “Every Ursuline student develops as a whole person through experiences that enrich mind, body, and spirit. Athletics plays an important role in the character at development, offering opportunities for leadership and community-building, as well as the enjoyment of sports. Ursuline is proud of its long tradition of athletic excellence.”

Certainly, the elite Ursuline Bears have a history of athletic excellence and offer sports that begin in the fall, which include volleyball, cross country, swimming, and soccer. These teams have intense seasons ahead of them, so they began training early in preparation for all of the challenges that lie ahead.have been training hard to prepare for the challenge ahead.

First on the schedule is the Ursuline volleyball team. They had 18 games in the month of September including matches played by the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity teams. From the start,  the team members said it was going to be a competitive season, but they are looking forward to the upcoming challenges.  

Looking forward this month, the volleyball bears play against their rivals,  the game against their rival, the Bishop Lynch Friars, on October. 12 at Bishop Lynch High School. The tension between the two teams comes from Ursuline and Bishop Llynch being the two largest schools in the district. some of the largest schools in the district. The rivalry between Bishop Lynch and Ursuline has been prevalent for years, which has been shown through all the sports teams at Ursuline. It will be interesting to see who is victorious.

Along with the volleyball team starting the year off early with games and practices, so did the cross country team in the month of August. 

While their meets begin in August, the team carries into October with the exciting Jesuit XC Classic on October. 6. The Jesuit XC Classic is an event normally where the Ursuline Bears as a whole team do well and in. excel in and win many medals for their performances. This should be a great way for the running bears to begin their successful season.

To add to the excitement of their speedy season the head coach, Dr. Moody states, “There are 70 girls on the team more than we have ever had,” said Dr. Moody, head cross country coach, “and three of the brand new runners are top seven already.”

Taking a dive into the swimming bear’s season, Additionally, the swim teamtheir early  starts its mornings start off at the beginning of the school year and their meets  early with practice and will begin having meets as early as September 24. . In the month of October, they will have three invitationalsinvitational meets which is when schools from various schools come compete against each other and also compete at one pentathlon.

Finally, the soccer Bears, reigning state champions, kick off their season on October 30 against Prestonwood Christian Academy at home on the Sister Margaret Ann Moser Athletic Field.

Returning varsity soccer player, Sofia Garcia ’19, comments on the upcoming season, “I am excited to reunite with previous teammates and get to know new ones. This sport and program mean so much to me, and I’m grateful I have had the opportunity to play with girls from all different grade levels.”

Balancing these activities with the academic workload of Ursuline Academy is not easy, but Ursuline as many schools recognizes athletics as a positive way to build character and enhance the leadership abilities of the girls at an early age. Do not forget to wish your fellow athletic bears good luck and especially never forget to be faithful! that being a part of a team builds character and enhances the athletes’ leadership abilities.


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