The Everyday Ursuline Girl

Whether it is no sleep or no scrunchies, an Ursuline girl is unique. Schools are unique, but Ursuline shapes the girls to have a few defining features that separate them from any other.
Ursuline girls often have key characteristics that clearly define them in and out of the Academy. They exhibit these characteristics at Jesuit football games, in school, and over social media where they usually complain about lack of sleep or the burden of stress. This guide will clearly outline these characteristics, so an observer will be able to spot a typical everyday Ursuline girl from a mile away.

“When I come to school every day, I always have my oversized white Ursuline sweatshirt, my scrunchie, and my filled red hydro flask,” says freshman, Jessica White. Classic Ursuline sweatshirts are a big part of the life at Ursuline, and can include many different styles and colors. Another freshman Kate Giebler says, “I usually wear the ‘classic’ zip-up navy sweatshirt.”

This sweatshirt also comes in white, but a freshman will never be seen wearing it because the white one is reserved for seniors. Sweatshirts are part of life at Ursuline and can be found at the local school shop, Bear Necessities, thus contributing to the ease of their acquisition.

Other knickknacks and trinkets can be found in Bear, which is the shortened version of the name of the school shop. Bear Necessities has almost everything an Ursuline girl needs, and its stock is constantly gets updated with more things to buy. Ursuline girls can often be seen buying Luna bars, headphones, or an Ursuline certified pop socket.

Accessories also play a big role in an Ursuline girl’s life and identity, accessories are one form of personal expression. Scrunchies from Urban Outfitters may be paired with one or more James Avery rings worn on the hands of nails that were recently done. Other accessories may include a Kendra Scott necklace, blankets, and computer stickers.
How does one spot an Ursuline girl when she is not in her plaid skirts, oxford blouses, and oversized sweatshirt?

Jesuit and Cistercian football games are a great place to find Ursuline girls. They are usually wearing an oversized t-shirt with Lululemon shorts. These games are a great place to meet new people from other schools as well as the boys who the girls do not go to school with. The grassy side of the stadium next to the stands at Jesuit are where freshmen are often spotted. Here the girls can complain to their Jesuit friends about their homework and taunt them by calling their school ‘J-care’.

Besides their favorite brother schools, Ursuline girls can be seen hanging out with students from neighboring private schools. Schools like ESD, JPII, and BL all come to social gatherings where it is easy to make friends. Being an Ursuline girl comes with the fun of making friends from all different places as all the schools are intertwined.
Another place to find Ursuline girls are sports or other extracurriculars. Ursuline shapes their girls to be overachieving and independent young women.

Due to this, girls often partake in multiple sports, clubs, and other activities. Popular and fun extracurriculars can be theatre, cheer, rangerettes, and more. One Ursuline girl said, “Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the work, but I guess Ursuline taught me how to handle it.”

When they are not at school or at a football game, the girls usually spend most of their time on social media and the Internet. Though they should be doing homework or studying, one can spot an Ursuline girl procrastinating and complaining on her several private Snapchat stories. Social medias that are most usually used include Snapchat, Instagram, VSCO, Twitter, and more.

Social media provides an outlet where girls can post pictures with their friends or talk to their friends outside of school. The best way to find an Ursuline girl is to check social media.

Backpack, blackboard, and X2VOL are internet based resources Ursuline girls use for school. Backpack is the website where the girls can check their grades and their GPAS. Blackboard is where teachers post their homework and where she can check course material. X2VOL is where the girls can log their service hours.

Serviam and friendship play big role in the Ursuline experience as well. At Ursuline, the girls are taught the great concept of sisterhood. The easiest way to spot an Ursuline girl is when she is with her fellow sisters. By the end of the four years, Ursuline girls are often said to have developed a bond like no other.

Through their school they also learn how to serve others. Since they and many others are more privileged than other, the girls learn to give back to their communities through service projects and more.

All these qualities and characteristics make up a typical everyday Ursuline girl. This guide demonstrates how Ursuline shapes a girl to be and how those girls learn and practice these characteristics by going through the daily life of an Ursuline girl.

One can spot an Ursuline girl in school with her sweatshirts and accessories, out of school at Jesuit and Cistercian football games, and finally through social media and the internet.

No, skirts and fobs aren’t the only thing that makes Ursuline girls a little unique.

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